Monday, May 11, 2009

Figuring Out This New Site Stuff

Look it what I did! Scroll all the way down and you see something saying "sitemeter". Underneath it is probably a 3 or a number a little higher. What's that you ask? Why it's the number of views this site is getting. I saw the thing at the bottom at Fear the Fin and I thought, why not.

Let's compare our views...

As you can see my site reaches the very top of the graph...

As you can see FTF's not so much...

Also my site has been going on for about 3 days too...
(Thanks misleading graphs)

Something new? Now you could also see the logo thingy is not so gigantically huge anymore.

I was gonna do one of those "Blogs Sites I read" but that took too long for me. I gave up after two minutes.

Any tips/suggestions? I mean, it's probably impossible to make this site look even cooler...

[Update]The hell? Those graphs update themselves?!


Mr. Plank said...

Just a few tips to get the site humming all nice-like.

1) Add a blogroll. This takes about two minutes, lets people know you care about what they write, and makes navigating the hockey interwebs a whole lot easier for yourself. As a general rule, it's usually a good idea to make two separate lists for each, differentiating between general NHL blogs (From The Rink for example) and Sharks blogs (Working The Corners for example).

2) When you're starting out, it's usually good practice to email a couple people you have previous contact with (Sleek from BOC, Gray from Couch Tarts) and ask them if they could add you into their links. Don't spam anybody of course. Unless you want to burn some bridges. That's always fun to do!

3) Write write write. Keep doing what you're doing, and write at least three times a week. Quality over quantity of course, but if you have a good idea crank it on out. One line thoughts are great for this medium, as long as they are witty and/or thoughtful. For example:

Title: Mark Purdy
Body: is an asshat. (with "is an asshat" linked to one of his stories)

4) Keep a "draft" where you can dump story ideas into. That way, if you come up with something cool but have a test the next day, you can flesh out your original thought and come back to it later.

5) Funny pictures are always a treat.

6) Keep commenting at FTF. The more comments you have on there, the more people see your site's link in your signature. Huzzah for free marketing!

7) Respond to every commentor you get. This is pretty hard on Fear The Fin since there's usually people on there constantly, but when you're just starting out, it's likely you won't get many comments. Every one you get try and respond to it. It builds rapport, and let's people know you care about what they have to say. Unless the guy's an idiot. Then just roll your eyes and be thankful someone's reading besides your mom.

8) Keep things fun in the offseason. Pretty soon we'll hit August and nary a word will be coming out of the Sharks camp. Most of the free agents have already been signed, trade activity is at a standstill- basically nothing's going on. It will be worse than that game against the Nucks this season where the first 58 minutes were a snore fest. Pop something out that makes your readers (i.e. your mom and me) laugh and forget about how boring summer is without hockey.

Whew. I hope that gets you started. Feel free to drop me a line any time you need something bruva, or if you want to report K to the authorities for his pubes comment. Seriously, wtf was that hahaha.

Go Sharks.

Mr. Plank said...

Forgot one thing (it's late, wanna fight about it?).

I notice you've been labelling some of your posts. Do that religiously. If you have more than a sentence about a given player, tag him. Talk about the Ducks, tag "Anaheim Ducks." You get the point.

Also, make sure to add that into your sidebar (I'm positive there is a "labels" toolbar somewhere). That way, people can browse your site more efficiently. If they're looking for stuff you wrote about Patty, it's easily accessible.

If you want some general formatting tips, take a look at my old site and how certain things look. Mess around with your site a bit over the weekend and you'll get a good grasp of what you like/don't like in terms of aesthetics.

Enough rambling. Schleep times!

Go Sharks.

idunno723 said...

Wow Thanks Plank!

Will do Sir! This week and the half of the next, this site is gonna be a little bit lazy because it's the last two weeks of school. After that IFTT (yep acronym) will be even better!

Again, thanks very much!

Matt said...


I agree with everything Plank said. Easy way out city!

But yea, I'm diggin the humor so far, keep it coming. And don't be a stranger on FTF!

idunno723 said...

Hey guys guess what happened at school today? I threw up (ew, gross get over it), no school for me today!

I might be able to get that stuff done today!