Thursday, May 14, 2009

State of the Sharks!

I had a great experience at State of the Sharks. And no it wasn't about the questions and learning about what happened to the Sharks, what can be done, what's wrong with the planes and why there are no ice-girls (if you went you know what I'm talking about!). It was a good experience for me because I shook hands with Doug Wilson and Todd McLellan. To some that might not mean a lot, but to me it meant a lot. Let's break down what happen.

I got there with four questions in mind. Three of which I already posted below (c'mon you've been reading this site right?!) and one of which was inspired by mattman of FTF. It had to do about the management regretting letting injured players play during a (somewhat) meaningless end of the regular season, instead of having a healthy Sharks in the playoffs. So, I sat there in the crowd with my sister and listened to the questions and what the people had to say. Oh yeah, the people there were Greg Jamison, Doug Wilson, Todd McLellan. The players who were there for about an hour (or so) were Joe Pavelski, Dan Boyle, Joe Thornton, and Patrick Marleau. Mike Ricci surprised everybody and came out once all the players left.

So, after a while of listening I finally got the courage to go down to the floor and ask a question. The dude in the (blue/purple?) jacket told me I had to go around. I had to walk all the way to the other side (I'm lazy, huge effort) up and down all the stairs. I took a detour to the bathroom if you really wanted to know. I went down all the stairs and took a seat on the floor. I probably waited more than an hour in line to ask a question. Finally when I was about 5 people away, Randy Hahn said that SotS has to end but we could ask questions up close and personal with Doug Wilson, Todd McLellan, Mike Ricci, and Greg Jamison. I was nervous as heck (family blog eh?) when I was waiting in line to talk to them. I watched a guy take 2 minutes to explain what he thought was wrong with a Sharks and stuff like that. Doug Wilson replied with less than 20 words.

I figure Doug doesn't care about a question so I said to him, "I figure a handshake is more valuable for me than to ask a question. (Shakes hand) I just wanna say thanks for all your work for the Sharks, the fans really appreciate it. I love watching hockey so I just want to thank you for all you do." I don't even know what Doug said to me, I was shocked. I did the same thing with Todd and left. I'm still pretty much shocked on how cool this experience was.

Oh, I forgot to mention what my question would've been. Waiting in line so long I had at least 50 versions of the same question. If I got to it, it would have gone along like this: " Hi guys! Just to let you guys know, the fans appreciate what you do a lot. You guys are awesome. I watched 79 games this season and listened to the rest on the radio. I love everything about the Sharks. I try to learn as much about them as possible. I even participate in a website called "Fear the" to learn about the Sharks. I listen to every interview you guys do with KNBR and try to read every article about the Sharks there is. Some of the articles I read come from the Mercury News and they have writers such as Tim Kawakami and Mark Purdy. Those journalists suggest taking the captaincy away from Patrick Marleau and separating Patty and Big Joe. How do you guys deal with all this negativity. Also is it true that if you take that "C" off of Patty's jersey and stitch it on to someone elses jersey, does it really make the Sharks any better?"

Yep, I would've done a FTF shout out, sort of.

Overall I don't even remember what went on. All I know was talking to Doug and Todd was awesome.

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