Friday, June 5, 2009

untitled (how creative!)

Sorry for the lack of posts... if you were expecting them... if you are still reading... anyone?

Non-hockey following:

Thoughts in my head

Person #1 in my head: Hmmm... What can I post here on this site...?

Person #2 in my head: Dude! Post those completely unrelated awesome pictures you took the other day!

Person #1 in my head: Oh yeah! If only they were awesome...

Here goes...

Oh yeah one more thing. I remember saying recently that I can't draw. Well you know what? I can now! sort of... Look at these pictures!Not sure what animal it is, but it looks cool!

"It's a happy face." -Captain Obvious

The best for last, one of my personal favorites.

As you can see it's summer so I've got lots of time on my hands. If you're looking for random stuff during the offseason, this is the place!

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