Saturday, August 1, 2009

An in-depth look at Dany Heatly

(yes I do realize that the title is spelled wrong)

Recently there have been plenty of rumors of Dany Heatley is on his way to the San Jose Sharks. Since this post is about Dany Heatley I'm going to spell his last name as "Heatly" because that E is annoying me and I don't really feel like typing it. So about those Heatly rumors... Some say a trade package involving Christian Ehrhoff, Jonathan Cheechoo, or even Captain Patrick Marleau *GASP* might be going to Ottawa. Let's take a look at the Pros and Cons of a trade involving Heatly.

  • The Sharks would get Dany Heatly
  • The Sharks would get Dany Heatly
So if the Sharks do in fact trade for Dany Heatly they would probably lose a player or something and Dany Heatly would be on the Sharks. If they don't trade for him, he probably won't be on the team.

Pretty interesting, eh?

Oh, and IFTT is going to be pretty awesome during August. Nothing like that crappy-1-post-July. Not that I have anything planned or something like that..... (really I don't)

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