Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I have surpassed the 1,000 view mark. LET'S GO RIOT!!!

To the viewer of the 1000th view and to Mr. K of Fear the Fin, I present you, the almighty E-Five:

[Editor's note]: If you work linked here from somewhere else, please don't leave me, read here often...

[Update 1:17 pm]: Puck Daddy put the "Semenov to Nichol T-Shirt" as one of his links. I got so excited I punched the first person I saw in the face (sorry mom).

[Update 3:17 pm]: First new person who makes a comment get's an E-five!


Marcus said...

I can has e-five? (SharksFanEst1994 from FTF)

idunno723 said...



Gah don't know how to work blogger comments. copy and paste the link!

Marcus said...

E-fives are better than RL fives :D