Thursday, September 3, 2009


Next week will be a Shark-tastic week.

September 7-9th Sharks rookies will battle Ducks rookies at Sharks Ice. Hopefully I'll be attending some of those. I already printed out the rookie roster to start memorizing names and numbers. Should be a very cool experience.

September 10th Devin Setoguchi will be at the Sharks store. That'll be awesome as well. I'm planning on having him sign my Devin Setoguchi rookie card.

September 11th will be interesting because I have been informed the Sharks will be making a move. (I am totally make this up btw. I just have to make it a full Shark-tastic week)

If you just noticed there have been a lack of posts lately... where have you been?! It's been like this all off-season. Can't wait for the season to start! Now please?

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