Saturday, October 17, 2009


You know when I said this site would have much more activity since the season started? Yeah I lied. School's a pain this year, and I don't like it! It's been almost 20 days since the last post...

Anyway, here's a real post for you. The Sharks have been struggling. Seven games into the season, the Sharks are 3-3-1. Last in the Pacific Division, 10th in the West. There are some reasons not to be worried, and some to be worried.

Reasons not to be worried? 7 games into the season. Come playoff time, no one will care about the 7 games. They wouldn't matter. Their brightest game came in game 2 vs. the Ducks. They outscored them 4-1. This shows what the Sharks can do (play really, really good). They will have the rest of the season to figure things out, and improve. It's a learning experience.

Reasons to worry? Only once in seven games they've had a dominating performance. In most games they came out flat in the first period. A weak 7 games can quickly turn into a weak beginning of the season, and to a weak first half and so on.

Am I worried? No. The regular season will be a tough journey for the Sharks, but throughout the journey they will grow as a team and play better. I mean they can't get worse!

Bonus sentences:

You know when last season the Sharks were slumping majorly? Then the team came out and said, "It's not panic time." I'd like to see a different attitude from the team this year. Rather then wait out for 10-20 games to "figure things out" I want the to have, "Let's get our shit together now!"

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Kevin said...

woo!!! you may have jinxed it. they've won 2 in a row since this post.