Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Patrick Marleau is a terrible hockey player. Look at these stats!!

Just kidding you fell for the hook. Anyways here's a real post for ya:

Lot's of people been saying Patrick Marleau is doing great this year (22 points in 16 games, third in the league) just because he's not Captain anymore. It bugs the hell out of me that people fail to acknowledge him as a great hockey player, only as the guy who lost the "C." Yeah remember last year Patrick Marleau was Captain? He had 38 goals, eleventh in the league and that's pretty damn good. Not to mention he's arguably one of the leagues best two-way players.

Right now something's kind of weird. I feel like I'm the only one under the impression that Patrick Marleau would be playing the same way right now, with or without the "C." Then the Patrick Marleau unappreciative fan club comes out and says, "Patrick Marleau has no heart, he plays with no emotion, he chokes in the playoffs blah blah blah."

Fact of the matter is, he does show up. With the "C" he had a career year last year. In the playoffs he had 2 game-winning goals WITH a sprained MCL (my friend had a sprained MCL and he had a big-ass brace on it. it had screws and stuff to put it into perspective).

Patty apologists like to throw around his stats on how ridiculously good his stats (thanks mymclife, for the pic and if you're reading this!) were in the playoffs. Patty haters like to point out that when the Sharks do lose a series in the playoffs, Patty's stats are less then stellar. IMO this just shows how much the team depends on Patrick Marleau. If the whole team loses in the playoffs just don't blame it on Patty.

To simply put it, Patrick Marleau is a a great hockey player. Captain or not he is a team player (he let Dany Heatley drive his car when he got to SJ. Did you read that right? he risked his car!). Whether the fans love him or hate him and the media hates him he shows up. He puts that behind him and plays some great hockey (to bad they won't make him a commercial for him. "Patrick Marleau is a terrible scapegoat. But he's a great hockey player!" -FTF comment that someone needs to claim!).

/vomits. This write-up was way more serious then I'm used to.

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