Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's been almost a month without a post! That is terrible. My goal of one post a day has obviously not happened. So. Who's up for a rambling post? anyone? me? Certainly!

Here goes:
I have came up with a(nother) theory as to why the Sharks lost in the playoffs. (Yes, people still care) Let's start this up.

Does anyone think it is a little funny that the San Jose Sharks lost in the first round of the playoffs? The best team in the regular season, PRESIDENT TROPHY WINNERS lost to the lowly Anaheim Ducks. I think something is a little fishy here. Is it likely that the Sharks played terribly and went up against a hot goalie? A team that scored more goals than them? A team that has Corey Perry? No it is not likely that this has happened. I actually figured out the odds and it had a 0% chance of happening.

Let's take a look at what really happened. In the first game the God-like San Jose Sharks had 35 goals. The only problem though was some @$$hole goalie thought it would be funny to stop all of them. After that Evgeni Nabokov decided to let two goals in. Why you ask? Because its Evgeni Nabokov and he can do what he wants to do. The grossly inhumane Anaheim Ducks put in exactly 0% effort in that game. They showed no heart and didn't want to win.

Also Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton thought it would be funny to mess with the other team's mental state. They tried to score the least amount of goals as possible to give their team the psychological advantage. Obviously this worked very well. They played their hearts out and showed the desire to win.

Oddly enough this happened three more times. The ugly Ducks somehow won the series. They relied on luck and at one point they had 2 skaters on the ice. In fact some players on the Ducks have never even played hockey before. They just thought it would be an interesting 2nd job. One guy was even on the phone on the bench!

So the theory is, it was opposite week (or was it not opposite week) and the Sharks didn't get the memo. By playing so well it really messed up their chances of winning. And by the Ducks playing terrible, it made them win.

At the end of this theory let's just say no one knows what the hell happened, even the players. And thinking about this hockey makes me want the season to start, so let the 2009-2010 season start!!!! Wait we got a few months to go... Crapezoid.