Monday, April 5, 2010


It's that time again. Every year we get ready for this. The whole season comes down to this, the very end. The moment everyone is waiting for. And every year the Sharks lose

and win. Yes, I'm talking about the last few games of the regular season.

These games are so meaningless, yet matter so much. (Wait, what?)

Three more games remain and us Sharks fans are getting nervous. I mean it's only natural right? I keep trying to remember what Sharks hockey in the playoffs is like but I can't. I've blocked it out of my memory so I have no recollection on what actually goes on.

Back to the point. Why are we nervous and anxious? The Sharks right now aren't playing 100% awesome. They're playing okay. Not great or even fantastical. We wonder if they can "turn it on" during the playoffs.

Even if the Sharks were playing fantastical I bet we would still be nervous and anxious. The question would be, "Can the Sharks keep it up in the playoffs?"

And now to the conclusion of the post, the main point: The end of the regular season sucks.

The playoffs are around and we've been waiting for it the whole season! We want everything to go perfect. Imagine winning that... thing.

Well I've thought this through and tried to figure out a solution. Interestingly enough I've got one!

Make the season 102 games long. Schedule it and everything. Then, when you get to the 80 game mark or so, call for the end of the regular season! Yes! It makes so much sense. We won't have to deal with this stuff anymore.

I know, I know. Besides this being a brilliantly awesome idea, it is extremely stupid. BUT, it is so stupid Gary Bettman might consider it (Insult Bettman? Check).

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