Saturday, July 31, 2010

RFA Devin Setoguchi Re-signs with the Sharks

Today Devin Setoguchi re-signed with the Sharks for $1.8 million on a one year deal. This figure appeared surprisingly low for the up and coming right winger. In his sophomore season he scored 31 goals on the top line. This last season he scored only 20 after being slowed down by injuries. It was believed that he would sign around 2.00-3.00MM. Instead the former first-round pick signed for 1.8MM. Shocking.

Actually no. Not really.

Just one month ago Sharks defensman Niclas Wallin was re-signed to a contract with a 2.5MM cap hit. Yes, a surprising number at the time. Why would the Sharks pay so much for what appears to be a lower line defenseman? Also why would the Sharks trade a 2nd round pick for him?

Were facing a lot of questions here. However when you think about it, it really makes a whole lot of sense.

Before you start reading this, let's make sure you're not in a stressful situation. The next part is MIND-BLOWING.

First question: Why is Niclas Wallin valued so much by the Sharks?

One word, HAMBURGERS. Wallin is notoriously known as an avid hamburger lover. But what does Hamburgers have to do with this? Everything (duh). He came at a high cost for a second round pick for a reason. The Hurricanes valued him for a lot and weren't letting him get away easy. You see, Wallin owned a burger joint in Raleigh. This burger joint was very important for the area. That is why when you google "Niclas Wallin burger joint raleigh" nothing shows up. These people were all very attached and couldn't move on so easily, so they deleted all traces to it.

Second question:
Why is Wallin being paid so much?

As you know, Wallin's burger joint had many fans. When they learned that the place was closing down they became angry, and I mean ANGRY. Let's just say they hypothetically threatened to do horrific things to Wallin and the people he knows. If Wallin hypothetically wanted to get rid of these people, he would have to hypothetically need a lot of money to hypothetically make these people "quietly disappear." This is all hypothetical of course.

Third question
: Why is Devin Setoguchi being paid so little?

He's actually a really good guy. Kind of a douche, but a good guy (I mean there's a reason he's known as Devin the Douche). He heard about Wallin's trouble and decided to ask Doug Wilson if there was a way he could help out. Being Devin the Douche, he's been in a lot of similar situations. Most of which, your mother would not approve of. He took a huge discount so Wallin could solve his troubles. He actually asked for a league minimum contract but DW decided that would make him look to good so he gave him 1.8MM.

Understand people? This situation was a thinker, but it just makes too much sense. Now if Wallin wasn't such a burger-addict, his and Seto's contracts would have been reversed. So in the end, well played Sharks!