Friday, March 25, 2011

The Only Season that Matters

Yes, it's that time of the year again. The end of March is the beginning of the end of the NHL regular season. This of course means the playoffs are right around the corner. As a fan of the San Jose Sharks I absolutely despise this time of the year. Why you ask? For very obvious reasons. The Sharks have never won a Stanley Cup. I mean, what meaning does the Stanley Cup playoffs have if the Sharks have never won? To Sharks fans, the playoffs have absolutely no point. Playoffs should be completely ignored and shouldn't even matter to a Sharks fan. Everybody knows that history repeats itself. Looking at history, the Stanley Cup will never be in San Jose.

Year after year, fans put blind faith into this team that faces an impossible task. This phenomenon takes place after the regular season. Guess what, that's my other least favorite part of the year. Yeah sure, it has "tons of action" with the Sharks winning lots of games. But what's funny about this thing, the regular season doesn't matter at all. You don't win a trophy for being the best regular season team. Well, actually you win the Presidents Trophy but nobody cares about that. The regular season means nothing to the record books, only what happens in the playoffs. Yeah, please point out Joe Thornton winning the Hart or Jonathan Cheechoo winning the Richard. It's all crap and meaningless.

If I hate the playoffs and regular season so much, why the hell am I a Sharks fan? I will tell you why. I love it for the action that takes place on the ice. I love hockey and games that I can buy tickets for cheap. The games are played with little expectations and with 3/4ths of fans in attendance. There are enormous amounts of fights taking place and there are high goal scoring rates. Rookies battle it out to see who is the best. Douglas Murray scores hat tricks and Kent Huskins makes Ryane Clowe bleed. Yeah, tell me where else I can get this thrill from watching hockey.

This type of hockey only takes place in the only season that matters: The Pre-season